The Gozo Business Chamber was founded by a public deed on 20 December 1999, to promote the common interests of business operators in Gozo.

Since its formation, the Chamber has already made several representations with the authorities on behalf of its members; collaboration agreements with the Gozo Tourism Association and the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise.

The Gozo Business Chamber also published unbiased educational material concerning the effects of European Union membership and forged contacts with overseas Chambers.

The Chamber is administered by a Council which is elected every two years and is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Membership Officer and other members representing the different sections as well as the Chief Executive Officer.

The Gozo Business Chamber is a member of the Network of Insular Chambers of Commerce of the European Union (INSULEUR) and a founder member of the Observatory of European Island Tourism (OTIE).

The Council


Mr Joseph G. Grech

Vice President

Mr Joseph Borg


Ms Elaine Camilleri


Mr Anthony Bezzina

Public Relations Officer

Mr Michael Grech

Membership Officer

Mr Steve Pace

Members: Ms Celine Azzopardi, Ms Marisa Cauchi Hili, Mr Michael Galea, Ms Marie Grech, Mr Peter Paul Hili, Mr John Saliba, Mr Andrew Zammit


GBC's Representatives on the MCESD Gozo Regional Committee:

Mr. Joseph G. Grech

Mr. Michael F Galea

Monitoring Committee for Operational Programme 1 (2014 - 2020):

Mr. Joseph G. Grech (Representative)

Mr. Michael Galea (Substitute)

Enterprise Consultative Council:

Mr. Joseph Borg (Representative)

Mr. Joseph G. Grech (Substitute)

GBC's Representatives on the MEUSAC (Core Group):

Mr. Michael Grech (Representative)

Mr. Joseph G. Grech (Substitute)

Local Area Group (Leader Programme):

Mr. Joseph G. Grech

Tunnel Sub-Committee:

Mr. Michael Grech

Mr. Joseph Borg

Mr. Euchar Vella

Joint Stakeholders Working Council:

Mr Michael F. Galea

The aims of the Chamber are:

  1. Safeguard and promote the common interests of the members of the Chamber,
  2. Address issues particularly those associated with the regionality and insularity of Gozo, which can hinder the smooth running of business concerns in Gozo,
  3. Promote and, whenever possible, assist in the process of improving the commercial opportunities in Gozo,
  4. Foster and enhance cooperation amongst members of the Chamber,
  5. Act as a mediator, whenever the need arises, both amongst members and also between members and third parties,
  6. Represent its members during discussions with regional, national and international organisations and authorities,
  7. Educate its members and to provide guidelines for a code of conduct to be observed by its members during the course of their business.

Safeguard members’ interests

 Address Gozo’s regionality and insularity

Promote commercial opportunities in Gozo

Represent members on regional, national, international fora

Help members follow a code of conduct

Create a sound commercial environment

we cover

Financial/Insurance/Legal/ Health/Transport/ Other Professional Services
Importing/Wholesaling/ Retailing